Community Advocates Leadership Academy

Excited after session 1 as a student enrolled in the Community Advocates Leadership Academy. Session 1 was held at Cooly Landing in East Palo Alto. CALA trains people who are working locally to make a difference on the urgent environmental and social challenges of our time. CALA is a training ground to stimulate the local climate of civic activism in support of environmental sustainability, public health and social justice.

Participants meet one Saturday a month for half day classes in rotating venues throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Classes explore influencing electeds, leadership practices, goal setting, and more. CALA is spearheaded by the Committee for Green Foothills.

Session 1 take away: My Mission Statement

To share my independence, knowledge and craft, and create an arts and human rights practice for the benefit of my families.



Author Sin/Gin

SIN/GIN is preoccupied with stories about relationships between power, gender and sexuality. Together, we wonder about the collective as well as individual muscles that must flex in order that we, as individuals and as groups, can assert our right to sexual pleasure, sexual autonomy, sexual health and sexual reproductive health.

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