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Representing Presiding Bishop Michael Curry at the United Nations CSW62

My mother was the first girl from her village in the Eastern Province of Zambia to be allowed to go to elementary school. Her grandfather advocated for her education when many argued that school would only expose her to predatory male teachers and ruin her prospects for marriage

Blog 03/2019 for Episcopal UN on the occasion of UNSW 63

In 1995, I was a twenty year old Law student at the University of Zambia. I didn’t fully understand the buzz around Beijing. What I did understand was that the army of mothers who raised me wanted more for me. More opportunity, more power, more freedom, more choice, more status, more independence, more room to define my own visions of love, dignity and success.

Blog 07/20 for Episcopal UN commemorating Beijing +25 and UNCSW 64 https://episcopalchurch.org/posts/episcopalun/impact-and-implementation-beijing-platform-el-impacto-y-la-implementaci%C3%B3n-de-la

Author Sin/Gin

SIN/GIN is preoccupied with stories about relationships between power, gender and sexuality. Together, we wonder about the collective as well as individual muscles that must flex in order that we, as individuals and as groups, can assert our right to sexual pleasure, sexual autonomy, sexual health and sexual reproductive health.

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