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Conference Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict with Hamburg Institute of Social Research

»Against Our Will. Men, Women, Rape« 1975–2015.
A Book and its Impact: A Conversation with Susan Brownmiller. 
In 1975, at the peak of the Women’s and Student Movement and against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Susan Brownmiller’s path-breaking analysis about rape in war and peace appeared. »Against Our Will«, one of »100 most important books of the Twentieth Century« (New York Public Library), opened the door to questions that are still pressing today. Her study has inspired feminist activism and research. Today, sexual violence has gained public awareness and became a much debated subject in national and international politics.

Theaters of armed conflict in the 21st century reveal that this form of wartime violence is still ubiquitous. Despite recent public awareness, efforts to understand and strategies to prevent this form of violence remain inadequate. The presence of Susan Brownmiller in Hamburg opens up the opportunity to rediscover how this important debate emerged while also reflecting on the current state of the art.



Author Sin/Gin

SIN/GIN is preoccupied with stories about relationships between power, gender and sexuality. Together, we wonder about the collective as well as individual muscles that must flex in order that we, as individuals and as groups, can assert our right to sexual pleasure, sexual autonomy, sexual health and sexual reproductive health.

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