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She’ll Beat You! Zambia’s Esther Phiri Graces the Alchemist Zambia ed. 11 Cover

First Ladies Representing in the Alchemist Zambia

The Alchemist is out.

Keywords: Trump, Clinton, First Ladies, American University, UNZA-Law, Gender discrimination, Dialogue, Apamwamba, Kudumbisiana.

Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Chiseche Mibenge

“In 2008 I was in the US as a visiting scholar at the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at American University. I lived in the heart of Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill, in a quaint residence for young professional women, directly across the street from Congress. It was a charmed
moment to be on the Capitol, to cycle past the White House daily as an unprecedented presidential campaign unfolded. It was a close call, which ‘first’ would we celebrate? A black or a woman President of the United States? We all know how that ended. Actually, it didn’t end – Hillary Rodham Clinton never lost. She served as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, was subsequently elected to the Senate, and is back on track with her Presidential bid, this time as the Democratic nominee.
I’m back in the US, this time as a permanent resident, watching the presidential debates from my home in California. The usual (and not so usual) missiles have been hurled back and forth across both aisles in this presidential race. Liar, fraud, incompetent, plagiarizer,corrupt, adulterer, adulterer’s wife, misogynist…
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The Alchemist ed. 11 is out. read it now!


Sharing the Caine Prize: Winner Namwali Sherpell

The latest edition of The Alchemist is out! Another celebration of Zambian women in leadership.

Author Sin/Gin

SIN/GIN is preoccupied with stories about relationships between power, gender and sexuality. Together, we wonder about the collective as well as individual muscles that must flex in order that we, as individuals and as groups, can assert our right to sexual pleasure, sexual autonomy, sexual health and sexual reproductive health.

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