Utrecht Alum Hadiprayitno and Mibenge Launch Human Rights Series with Palgrave MacMillan

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Co-editors (and long-time best friends (LLM class of 2001 Utrecht University School of Law)) Irene Hadiprayitno (Leiden) and Chiseche Mibenge (Stanford) have launched a human rights series, titled Human Rights Intervention, with Palgrave MacMillan. The series joins the list International Relations and Security Studies held by Palgrave Senior Commissioning Editor Dr. Anca Pusca.

Hadiprayitno and Mibenge are receiving proposals for book monographs, anthologies and pivots (short form monograph, 25,000 – 50,000 words).  The series privileges the perspectives of individuals, organizations, communities and movements that, in spite of being ‘small’ or ‘marginal’ influence discourse around justice, dignity and equality…and mobilize to catalyze intervention against abuse.

Mibenge and Pusca will be at the American Political Science Association Annual Conference in San Francisco to promote Palgrave MacMillan and the series and consult with authors about contributions.



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